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About Us: We are a socially & environmentally responsible enterprise that produces 100% natural dried fruits and vegetables. Our products are made from farm produce bought directly from rural farmers. Through fair trade practices, we support rural farmers in Zimbabwe, and help in reducing post-harvest losses. 

Our Mission: To produce preserved food products of high quality and value for consumers, whilst reducing food loss. 


Our Vision: To become a leading brand in preserved food products in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Lab in Costa Rica
Lab in Costa Rica


In 2019, the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organisation reported that post-harvest losses account for 30 % of food waste annually. This presents a major concern in food security including the additional environmental consequences from the emission of greenhouse gases from decaying farm produce. The Sub-Saharan Africa region experiences a magnified impact due to lack of adequate and innovative food storage facilities as well as insufficient knowledge in post-harvest management. Annually, farmers in this region lose up to $4 billion USD due to post-harvest losses and they earn less that $2 USD a day. According to Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe, the country’s post-harvest losses and food waste go as high as 40% due poor transportation, handling and processing practices.

Our work is to invest in innovative solutions to reduce post-harvest and food losses in Zimbabwe and across Sub-Saharan Africa. We aim to collaborate with relevant stakeholders in our value chain, to lead and win in the fight for food preservation. Relevant stakeholders in our context include but not limited to farmers, our customers, environmentally conscious Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and the public sector.


We continue to research more advanced and sustainable practices in food processing, with a bold mission of innovating and creating new products of high quality and value for our customers. This enables us to introduce new and tasty 100% natural products, helping our customers enjoy quality healthy dried fruits.