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Zimbabwe's 1st dried tomatoes brand.

At Chashi Foods, promoting sustainable food consumption and preserving the environment governs our work. We are the first enterprise in Southern Africa to use the Sparky Dryer, a recent innovation with an efficiency 5 times that of conventional solar dryers. Our drying processes were developed at a leading agricultural science university in Costa Rica and our product formulation was finalised alongside professional chefs in United Kingdom. Our enterprise is designed to be a catalyst that aids in managing food waste. Learn more about us and join us in bringing about positive change.



In 2019, the Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations reported that post-harvest losses accounted for 30% of food waste. Food waste is a threat to food security notwithstanding the environment consequences from the emission of greenhouse gases in the decaying process. Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe, estimates that the country’s post-harvest and food losses go as high as 40%. This problem is detrimental to farmers economic gain and stunts economic growth for all value chain actors. Due to a lack of resources, preservation of food remains at its lowest in rural Zimbabwe.